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MP3 Clipper and Joiner help



MP3 Clipper and Joiner can clip small portions of a mp3 songs.It can also join multiple clips to form a single clip.Following are the details of using it.


1) Clipping a song ::

Following is the screen shot of the main window of MP3 Clipper and Joiner ::

                   Screenshot of MP3 Clipper and Joiner


Clipping a song is very simple.Just follow the following steps::


a) Click on the open button.

b) A dialog box will appear.Navigate to your directory and select the desired song.Remember,the song type supported is only MP3 .

c) Select your song from the dialog box and click on "open" button (of the dialog box).

d) The song will start playing automatically.

e) There are two buttons "Set Start" and "Set End".

==> "Set Start" means the point from which the Song is to to clipped.It is the start point for clipping.

==> "Set End" means the point till which the song will be clipped.It is the end point for clipping.

f) Click on the set start button from where you want to start clipping.Remember,you can move the "Slider" to the desired point for starting the selection.

e) Let the song play.When the desired part of song reaches,click on the "Set End" button.You can also click on the slider and take it to the point till which the song is to be



The "STATUS" panel will display the byte position of the start point,end point and the length of the selected portion in bytes.


NEXT Topics ::


a) Customizing the song clip selection [In case you are missing the required part in the clip]

b) JOINING the clips.