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Ultra Shutdown help



Toolbar options ::

These settings can be used to setup toolbar.

This will give you full control of all actions from keyboard.


Step 1 :: On the main window,click on "Toolbar" button from the left.


 Two options are available.These are as follows ::

 a)  Put toolbar on top of other windows :: This will make the toolbar topmost.It willl appear above all of the windows.

 b)  Load toolbar on windows startup  :: If this option is selected,the toolbar will appear on the screen on windows startup.


Step 2 :: Select the desired options and click on "Save Settings" to save the settings . 

** The toolbar can remember it's last position.You can move it to any place on the scree.From the next time it will start at the

     same place you left it last time.To move it , click on the empty blue area on the toolbar.And then move it holding the

     left mouse button.

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