Ultra Shutdown is the freeware that can be used to schedule shutdown,restart,standby,locking and various other things.It comes with a powerful scheduler.Not only this;it also supports "Password protection" .Go to the downloads section and grab the software now !!

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Ultra Shutdown help




These settings can be used to setup hot keys for shutting down,restarting ,locking and many other actions.

This will give you full control of all actions from keyboard.


Step 1 :: On the main window,click on "Hotkeys" button from the left.

Following is the screen shot of the window ::



Step 2 ::  You can select your own shortcut keys !!

               Please ensure that "Enable hotkeys" check box is checked before you set the hotkeys. 

To enable the settings,click on "Enable hotkeys" set the shortcut keys for the corresponding action and click on "Save".


In the above picture, "S" is entered for shutdown. So, to shutdown you will have to press ctrl key , alt key and "S" key

at the same time.System shutdown will happen.Remember to save your work before you press the combination. 

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