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Ultra Shutdown help



 Adding a schedule ::


Step 1 :: On the main window,click on "Schedule" button from the left.

Following is the screen shot of the window ::

Adding a schedule

Step 2 :: To add a schedule click on add button.To delete ,select an item from the list and click on "Delete" button.

              "Delete all" button will delete all items present in the list.

Step 3 :: You will get a another window when you click on "Add" button.


Step 4 :: Select proper action from the combo box.


Step 5 :: There are three types of options ::

             a)     One time :: It will occur one time based on the date you selected.

             b)     Everyday :: It will occur everyday at a particular time.

             c)     Day[last option] :: Occur on a day of week.

Select proper options and click on save.The new schedule will appear in the list.

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