Ultra Shutdown is the freeware that can be used to schedule shutdown,restart,standby,locking and various other things.It comes with a powerful scheduler.Not only this;it also supports "Password protection" .Go to the downloads section and grab the software now !!

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Ultra Shutdown help



Setting a timer::


Step 1 :: Click on the combo box to select from Shutdown,restart,hibernation,locking,sleep etc..In the image "Shutdown" is selected.


Step 2 :: There are two options as follows ::

               a) IN :: 

                      Shutdown in [hour::minutes] .The first box is for hour and the second box is for minutes.

                b) AT ::

                       Shutdown at a particular time.This will occur once for the time selected.

                Select an appropriate option.

Step 3 ::

            Following are the three check boxes  ::

            a) Force processes to terminate :: A force Shutdown will occur.

            b) Blink icon :: Enter the time before which you want to blink the tray icon [ For informing that shutdown will occur now].

            c) Show remaining time ::  If this check box is selected then a small window will appear showing the time remaining in shutdown.  

  Put a check mark on the desired options and click on "Enable Timer" button.

Following is the screen shot of the window ::


Setting a timer

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