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Help :: Sofonesia Reminder:: An overview of settings Print E-mail


Sofonesia Reminder help



Settings ::

Settings can be accessed from the main window by clicking "Settings" tab on it.

Following is the screen shot of the Settings ::


Changing settings

Details ::


a) Snooze interval :: It determines the time after which you will be reminded again for the same reminder.

Suppose that a reminder is set for today at 11.30 am.When the reminder comes at 11.30 there will be two buttons on it.

First will be snooze and the other will be stop.Stop button will close the reminder.If you click on the snooze button,

the reminder will appear again after certain interval reminding you of the same thing.This INTERVAL can be set here.


b) Load program at startup :: If this is checked,the program will load itself with windows at the startup time and vice versa.


IMP :: If the program is not loaded in startup,it will not be able to remind of any events.It is compulsory for it to load at startup so that it could work properly.


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