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Sofonesia Reminder help



Adding a regular reminder ::

Regular Reminder is the one which will occur on a certain DATE of month.In this you need to select a DATE on which it will pop up, time and a reminder.Once the reminder is set,it will pop up on that date at a particular time.

This can be used for the events that happen on a certain date like reminding for a birthday etc.

Following is the screen shot of the regular reminder ::


Regular Reminder

Setting a regular reminder is very easy ::

Step 1 :: Select a date on which you want to be reminded.By default,today's date will be shown.You can traverse through the calendar to select any date for any month.

Step 2 :: Enter the time at which you want to be reminded.

Step 3 :: Enter the reminder text for which you want to be reminded of.

Step 4 :: Select a song by clicking on browse button.It supports wave and MP3 song.This song will be played when the reminder time reaches.

==> If you do not select a song then by default a wave file is taken.

With different reminders,different songs can be set.

Step 5 :: Click on save button.The reminder you saved will appear on the main window reminder list.

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