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Sofonesia Reminder help



Buttons details ::

Following is the screen shot of the buttons appearing on the main window ::


Butttons appearing on main window


Description [From left to right] ::


1) Add button :: Click on this button can be used to add a new reminder.

2) 2nd button can be used to delete a reminder.For doing this ,you need to click on a reminder.When a reminder is selected,the button will be enabled and can be used.

3) 3rd button can be used to EDIT a reminder.To do this,click on a already existing reminder.This button will be enabled.When you click on this button,a window will appear containing the details of existing reminder.Change it and save it.

4) 4th one is the "Home" button. Use it to visit homepage of sofonesia Ltd.

5) 5th one is the "DONATE" button.If you want to donate,click on this will be taken to donate page.There you can donate securely via Paypal.

6) 6th one is the help button.Click on it to get the online help.

7) 7th one is "UPDATE CHECKER".To check for updates click on it.

8) 8th button is linked to our registration page.Click on it to register on our website .This is to make you eligible for free technical support.

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