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Directory Security help



Directory Security can be used to hide the folders.


1) Hiding a Folder ::

Following is the screen shot of the main window of Directory Security ::

Screenshot of Directory Security



From the picture;it can be seen that there are two panels.

The right side panel shows the folders available on your disk.The left side panel shows the list of folders protected by Directory Security.

To get the details about any button,open Directory Security and put the mouse on thedesired button.Keep mouse there for a second.A tooltiptext will appear.

It will contain the description of the functionality of the button.

Hiding a folder is very simple.Just follow the following steps::


a) Navigate to the desired folder from the right side panel.

b) Click on the folder.The folder will be highlighted.

c) once the folder is selected ; click on the "left arrow" button.

d) The name of folder will appear in the protected folder's list.

e)To hide the folder,just click on the button "Hide the folders"

f) All the folders which are in "Protected folder's list" will be made hidden.


How to make the folders visible again ?

Very simple.just click on the button "Make the folders visible".All folders present in the protected folder's list will be made visible again.

How to remove the folders from "protected folder's list"?

==>To do this,simply double click on the folder's name in the protected folder's list(left panel).The folder will be removed from the list.

==>This can also be done by clicking on the folder name in the left panel and then clicking on the right arrow button.


















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