DVD clipper and joiner is the freeware than can cut DVD clips of any length from a DVD file.The clipped portion can be the song of a movie or any one of your favorite scenes !!Not only this;it can join several dvd clips to make a single clip as well. So,no more saving whole movies .Save you space. !!Go to the download section  
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DVD Clipper and Joiner help



1) Joining DVD movie clips::

Following is the screen shot of window to join clips ::

             Screenshot of DVD Clipper and Joiner


Joining dvd clips is very simple.Just follow the following steps::


a) Click on the "Browse" button.

b) A dialog box will appear.Navigate to your directory and select the desired clip.Remember,the video type supported is only DVD(.vob) .

c) Select your DVD video from the dialog box and click on "open" button (of the dialog box).

d) The video along with the path appears in the text box.

e) Repeat the same process to select the second clip.

f) Click on join button.

A dialog box will appear asking you where you want to save your joined video.Enter the name of the new clip and click on the "Save" button.

The new clip is ready.

This new clip can be joined with any other clip as well.For this,select this new clip as the first video and select any other clip as second one by following the above mentioned process.

By repeating this ,many DVD video clips can be joined to make one clip.


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