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MP3 Clipper and Joiner help



1) Customizing a song ::

Sometimes we miss a required portion of a song by a fraction of second.To avoid this "Customize" option is provided.

This option provides a hit and trial method to get the required portion of the clip.To use this, do following ::

a) Firstly determine a rough starting point and ending point.This can be done by playing a song and selecting a start and end point.

When this is done,the byte position will appear in the left "Status" panel.

b) Note them down.Click on the "Customize" button.Customize button is available in the "Status" panel.

c) A new window will appear.Enter the start and end point there.

d) Click on "Save selected frame"

e) The clip will be saved.If something is missing,increase the start and end point.

f) Keep adjusting start and end points in the text boxes until you get the desired portion.

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